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Service type: Mobile Money

In operation since: 2018

Licensing: Payment Service Provider License

Regulated by: CBK

Service by: Telkom

T-Kash services

  • Deposit money
  • Send money to any mobile money network
  • Send money to unregistered users
  • Pay bills
  • Buy goods and services
  • Send money to banks

What's T-Kash?

T-kash is a mobile financial service owned by Telkom Kenya LTD that offers a range of cross-functional solutions for both consumer and enterprise markets. It includes money transfer services, issuance, management, and redemption of electronic money.

With T-Kash, you can send and receive money, purchase goods and services, and pay bills using your Telkom line.

To start using T-Kash services, you need to register for mobile money at any Telkom agent. You will need to present an original identification document, such as

  • National ID
  • Passport
  • Maisha Card

You can then use a Start PIN sent to you via SMS to create your secure T-Kash PIN. This PIN is critical, so don’t share with anyone to avoid being a victim of mobile money scams.

Upon successful registration, you can transact at T-Kash Agent outlets or access mobile money services via the following options:

  • USSD (*160#)
  • SIM Toolkit
  • T-Kash app (Android & IOS)

For T-Kash tariff charges, you can explore our page, which we always keep up-to-date.

You can now send up to KSH 250,000 per transaction while enjoying a wallet limit of KSH 500,000.

About T-Kash

General T-Kash info:

  • Can have a maximum of 2 T-Kash accounts
  • Can send money to unregistered customers, unlike M-Pesa
  • You need original ID to withdraw money at an agent
  • No need to activate T-Kash after registration. Just go to T-Kash Menu from SIM Toolkit, and it will have all the functionalities
  • T-Kash roaming feature is not currently possible.
  • You cannot reverse airtime purchase transactions
  • To reset your T-Kash PIN, you will be required to call Telkom customer service. (Dial 160)
  • You might need a T-Kash code to withdraw money or complete transactions via buy goods and services.

Here is our page containing T-Kash customer service info

History and development

T-Kash was introduced by Telkom Kenya as a strategic move to participate in the dynamic mobile money sector, which is almost ‘owned’ by Safaricom’s MPesa service.

Key features and benefits

  • Maximum wallet size: You can store up to KSH 500,000, as allowed by CBK.
  • Transaction limits: Process individual transactions up to KSH 250,000 and total daily transactions up to KSH 500,000.
  • Unique T-Kash code: Ensures security for your transactions. Access financial services by dialing *160#

T-Kash requirements

To open a T-Kash account, you need to:

  • Be 18 years old and above
  • Have a valid identification document

Downloading the T-Kash app

The T-Kash App is available for download on both Android and iOS platforms. To get the app, search for “T-Kash” on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store and follow the prompts to download and install it.

After installing the app, you can access T-Kash services on the go, generate secure codes for transactions, and keep track of your finances with ease.

T-Kash services

T-Kash offers a suite of services that allows you to manage your finances and daily transactions effortlessly. From purchasing airtime and bundles to seamlessly paying your bills, T-Kash integrates convenience right into the palm of your hand.

a) Buying Airtime with T-Kash

To buy airtime using T-Kash balance, follow these steps:

  • On your phone go to Telkom SIM Toolkit
  • Access T-Kash Menu
  • Select Buy Airtime
  • Select:
    • My Phone (to buy for your own Telkom line)
    • Other Phone (to buy for another Telkom line)
  • Enter the amount you wish to buy
  • Key in your T-Kash PIN
  • Confirm and submit.

If the transaction is successful, you should receive SMS from T-Kash and Telkom confirming the purchase and top up.

b) Buying data bundles with T-Kash

Here are the steps to buy SMS, Voice, and data bundles from T-Kash balance:

  • On your phone, go to Telkom SIM Toolkit
  • Then access T-Kash Menu
  • Select Buy Bundle
  • Choose bundle type:
    • Voice Bundle
    • SMS Bundle
    • International Bundle
    • Mashariki Bundle
    • Internet Bundle
  • Complete the steps that follow
  • Then enter your PIN and confirm the transaction

You can only buy bundle for yourself. Buying bundles for other Telkom users is not currently possible.

c) Sending money with T-Kash to any network

T-Kash allows you to send money from your wallet to other T-Kash accounts, Airtel Money, M-Pesa, and unregistered users.

  • On your T-Kash enabled Telkom line, dial *160#
  • You can also use the T-Kash app
  • Select Send Money
  • Choose Mobile Money network:
    • T-Kash
    • Airtel Money
    • M-Pesa
  • Enter the Phone number you’re sending money to
  • Enter the amount you wish to send
  • Review and confirm transaction details
  • Enter T-Kash PIN to complete the transaction

d) Bill payments and buy goods services

Paying bills doesn’t have to be a chore.

With T-Kash, you can pay your bills or buy goods and services at any registered T-Kash merchant, just as you would with Lipa na M-Pesa

e) Cash withdrawal

To withdraw money, you need to visit a registered T-Kash agent, and then follow the steps via the channels below to cash out:

  • USSD 160
  • Telkom SIM Toolkit
  • T-Kash Mobile App

To withdraw money at a T-Kash agent, follow these steps:

  1. With your registered Telkom line dial *160#
  2. You can also use T-Kash app
  3. Select Withdraw Cash
  4. Enter the Amount you want to cash out
  5. Confirm your transaction
  6. Enter your PIN
  7. A T-kash code will be generated.
  8. Present the code to the T-kash Agent to complete the withdrawal

Note that T-Kash codes are valid for 10 minutes

Unlike M-Pesa and Airtel Money, you don’t need an agent number when withdrawing money.

Withdrawing using Voucher Code

If you have a voucher code as a result of someone sending you money from T-Kash when you are not a registered mobile money user, you can follow these steps to cash out:

  • Present the T-kash Voucher Code and Original ID to T-kash Agent
  • The Agent will process the T-kash code

f) Cash deposits

You can deposit money to your T-Kash account at any Telkom Money registered agent.

Like all mobile money deposits, this service is free.

g) Sending to unregistered users

When sending to unregistered users, (applies to any network), the recipient will receive a one-time voucher via SMS from T-Kash.

This is an 8-digit code which they can use to pick their money from any T-Kash agent nationwide.

This voucher is valid for 7 days, after which it will be cancelled and the money reverted back to the sender if it’s not withdrawn within this time-period.

T-kash is a mobile financial service owned by Telkom Kenya LTD that offers a range of cross-functional solutions for both consumer and enterprise markets. It includes money transfer services, issuance, management, and redemption of electronic money.

T-Kash contact details

Business address: Gateway Place, Nairobi, Kenya