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M-Pesa PIN (Activate, Reset, Unlock, Secure)

Guide to M-pesa PIN

Maintaining the security of your mobile money transactions is imperative.

The M-Pesa PIN is at the heart of this safeguard.

What’s an M-pesa PIN?

An M-Pesa PIN is a 4-digit personal identification number that you use to authenticate and authorize transactions on your M-Pesa account.

Whether you’re sending money, withdrawing cash, paying bills, or purchasing airtime, this PIN functions as a digital signature. It confirms that it’s indeed you who initiates and approves transactions.

You create it when you first register for the service or activate M-pesa via Safaricom Sim Toolkit.

It is essential that you keep it confidential to prevent potential fraud or theft.

Mpesa PIN tips

Your PIN is the most important security feature when it comes to mobile money.

Choosing a secure M-pesa PIN

Selecting a secure M-Pesa PIN is critical for protecting your account from unauthorized access.

Here are tips to secure your PIN from fraudsters:

  • Choose a difficult to guess PIN, then memorize it.
  • NEVER share your PIN with anyone
  • NEVER share your PIN with Safaricom or M-pesa staff. They aren’t allowed to ask for it.
  • Avoid using obvious sequences like ‘1234‘ or easily guessable numbers such as your birth year.
  • Mix it up: A strong PIN does not contain repeating or sequential numbers.
  • Keep it private: Never share your PIN with anyone or write it down in an easily accessible place. Remember, Safaricom will never ask for your PIN in calls or emails.
  • Don’t use obvious or easily guessable numbers such as:
    • Your birth year
    • First or last 4 digits of your ID, Passport, or Maisha number
    • Highschool admission number
    • First or last 4 digits of your phone number
  • In case you suspect someone has access to your PIN, change it immediately.

Employing these measures can significantly enhance the security of your M-Pesa account.

M-pesa PIN management

M-pesa PIN transacting

1) Sim swap

If you have recently done a sim replacement, you won’t be able to:

  • Reset your PIN for the next seven days.

2) Activating M-pesa

Here’s how you can activate your M-PESA PIN after registering with Safaricom:

  1. Receive your Start PIN: After successful M-PESA registration, Safaricom sends you a temporary start PIN via SMS.
  2. Access the SIM Toolkit:
    • Go to your phone’s main menu.
    • Locate the “Safaricom” or “SIM Toolkit” app/menu (the name may vary slightly on different phones).
  3. M-PESA Menu:
    • Within the Safaricom menu, find and choose the “M-PESA” option.
    • Select “Activate” or “Wezesha“.
  4. Enter Start PIN:
    • Type in the start PIN sent to you via SMS.
  5. Create Your Own PIN:
    • Enter your new desired M-PESA PIN (make it something memorable but not obvious).
    • Confirm your new PIN by entering it again.
  6. Enter ID Number:
    • Enter the National ID or Passport number you used during the M-PESA registration process.
  7. Activation Complete: You will receive a confirmation SMS indicating your M-PESA account is now active, and you can start using it with your new PIN.

3) Resetting your forgotten Mpesa PIN

If you forget your M-Pesa PIN or if you believe it has been compromised, you need to reset it immediately.

This is to maintain the integrity of your account.

Note that resetting your PIN is not possible if:

  • You recently swaped your sim. You need to wait 7 days from the day you replaced your SIM
  • You did an m-pesa transaction within the last 24 hours

You no longer have to call customer care to reset your pin. There’s a new DIY service.

Safaricom provides a straightforward process for resetting your PIN (M-PESA forgot PIN DIY service):

  • From your phone, dial *334# to start the process
  • Enter your ID number or Passport to verify your identity
  • Answer 3 security questions
  • You need to answer 2 out of 3 questions correctly to reset your PIN
  • You will receive a Start PIN that allows you to reset your PIN.

Once you have your Start PIN, you can access MPesa via the toolkit or USSD 334. Enter your Start PIN. You will be then prompted to set and confirm your new PIN.

If you have not set your security questions, you will still be able to reset or unlock your PIN. You will however be vetted on some of the M-pesa services you frequently use.

If you have already set Mpesa security questions, then resetting your PIN shouldn’t be a hassle, really. It’s crucial to remember these answers or keep them in a secure place.

They are your key to regaining access to your M-Pesa account.

You can also reset your PIN by calling Safaricom customer care. (100) or using Jitambulishe service

4) Unlock M-pesa PIN

If you enter M-pesa PIN 5 consecutive times, your account will be locked. You will then receive a message from Safaricom notifying you that your M-pesa account has been locked.

To use your account again, you will need to unlock it.

Follow these steps to unlock your PIN, and start transacting again:

  1. On your Phone, dial *334#
Unlock M-pesa PIN

  1. Choose My Account
Dial 334 un-lock mpesa pin option
    • If you don’t see this option, select M-pesa PIn Manager, then go to UNLOCK M-pesa PIN
  2. Enter your ID / PassPort number
Enter your ID number to unlock Mpesa pin

You will receive a message from Safaricom telling you that your PIN has been unlocked. If you need to reset the PIn, you can follow the steps in the SMS.

What happens when your PIN is locked?

If your M-pesa is locked, then M-pesa app and MySafaricom App will always trigger a prompt that requires you to enter ID or PP number whenever you try to make a transaction.

5) Change Mpesa PIN

Here are the ways to change your M-PESA PIN in Kenya:

Using the USSD Code

  1. Dial *334#: Open your phone’s dialer and enter *334# and press the call button.
  2. “My Account”: Choose the “My Account” option.
  3. “Change M-PESA PIN”: Select the option to change your PIN.
  4. Enter Current PIN: Type in your existing M-PESA PIN.
  5. Enter New PIN: Carefully enter your desired new PIN.
  6. Confirm New PIN: Re-enter your new PIN to confirm it.

Using the M-PESA App:

  1. Open the M-PESA App: Ensure you have the official M-PESA app installed on your phone.
  2. Account Profile: Tap on your account profile, usually located at the top left.
  3. Personal Account: Choose your personal M-PESA account.
  4. Change PIN: Find and select the “Change PIN” option.
  5. Insert a new PIN
  6. Confirm the New PIN

Using SIM Tookit:

To change your M-PESA PIN on Safaricom menu

  • Open the SIM Toolkit menu.
  • Go to M-PESA
  • Select My Account
  • Choose Change M-PESA PIN
  • Enter your PIN.
  • Enter your New PIN
  • Confirm your new M-PESA PIN

Where and when to use Mpesa PIN

Where and when to use M-pesa PIN

Your Mpesa PIN is required when:

  • Accessing Mpesa via Sim ATK toolkit
  • Accessing MPesa via Mpesa App or MySafaricom App
  • Accessing Mpesa via USSD codes eg 334
  • USSD services that require settling accounts from Mpesa balance, eg:
    • Buying airtime
    • Paying bills via PayBill
    • Buying Goods and Services via Till number
    • Sending money to other Mpesa accounts or Pochi La Biashara
  • Transactions via M-pesa app
  • Sending money globally with M-pesa Global
  • Card payments with GlobalPay virtual card, etc.
  • Withdrawing money at an Agent or ATM
  • Depositing money to or Withdrawing from Mshwari and KCB M-pesa

Mpesa PIN vs Safaricom Service PIN

The Mpesa PIN is distinct from the Safaricom Service PIN. The latter is used for services related to your mobile line such as voicemail or SIM card-related services, including buying airtime or bundles. M-Pesa PIN specifically secures your financial transactions within the M-Pesa platform.

Mpesa PIN Security Questions

Setting security questions is not mandatory but highly recommended. They provide an additional layer of security, especially when handling PIN reset procedures.

To set or manage these questions, navigate through your M-Pesa menu, and select the ‘M-Pesa PIN’ options.


Remember, your M-Pesa PIN is used for all your transactions and should be handled with utmost security to prevent unauthorized access to your funds. Keep your PIN private, regularly change it, and utilize security questions to maintain a high level of security on your M-Pesa account.

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Moneyspace Ke
Moneyspace Ke
We understand the hustle of everyday Kenyans – the drive to do more, save more, and be more, all while not earning just enough. At, we aim to provide reliable information to help you build a scalable sidehustle business. Subscribe to find insights on financial products, practical saving tips, and viable business ideas in Kenya. 🇰🇪🤝📈.

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