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How to Check GHRIS Payslips Online in 2024 (With Photos)

GHRIS payslips and Ghris portals GHRIS P9

The government has streamlined the process of accessing or generating GHRIS payslips via GHRIS for all government employees nationwide, through The Ministry of State for Public Service.


  • UHR – Unified Human Resource
  • GHRIS – Government Human Resource Information System
  • Ministry of State for Public Service (MSPS)
  • Integrated Payroll & Personnel Database (IPPD)

To access UHR or GHRIS payslips, you simply need to log in to the portal using your government employee credentials, which then allows you to access your current and past payslips.

Your portal credentials are your personal assets, so keep them secure to prevent others from accessing and manipulating your account and financial information.

The GHRIS portal also features additional functionalities important for your HR needs, allowing you to download P9 forms for tax filing. You can also update personal details via the portal.

What is GHRIS?

The GHRIS is a system developed by the Government of Kenya to provide a centralized, web-based, self-service information system for managing all Human Resource (HR) aspects in the government.

Thus, this service aims to cover the entire spectrum of HR needs from entry to post-exit.

It serves the following sectors:

  • Uniformed Services
  • Ministries and State Departments
  • State Corporations and Semi-Autonomous Government Agencies (SAGAs)
  • Constitutional Commissions and Independent Offices
  • Third-Party Organisations (e.g. Banks, SACCOS, Micro-Finance Institutions, Insurance Companies, Pensions Schemes)
  • Counties (both Executive and Assembly)

On the GHRIS portal, government employees can download their payslips, view their employment records, and access other HR-related services.

The system interfaces with other existing platforms, including IFMIS, G-PAY and IPPD.

GHRIS functional areas

The GHRIS system is made up of 5 main components:

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Employee management
  • Training and development
  • Career management
  • Performance management
GHRIS functional areas

As an employee, you can access the portal to view and update your profile, as well as retrieve info and documents such as payslips

GHRIS payslips

With your GHRIS credentials, you can access, download, and print your payslips on the go.

How to access your GHRIS payslip

Once you’re registered on GHRIS, accessing your payslip is a straightforward process:

  1. Go to the GHRIS login page.
  2. Enter your credentials (User ID and password) to log in.
  3. Go to My Records
  4. Then from the dropdown go to My Payslip
GHRIS payslip go to My Payslip download
  1. Now go to Current Payslips
  2. Current year and month is prepopulated
  3. For previous payslips, select year and month
GHRIS current payslips
  1. Click View Payslip button to view, or
  2. Click Print Payslip button to download and print your GHRIS payslip.
  3. Your payslip will be displayed, and you can download and print it if needed.
GHRIS Print payslip or view

What is in a payslip

A payslip is more than just a statement of your earnings. It contains various components that you should understand:

  • Basic salary: This is your gross salary before any deductions.
  • Allowances: These are additional amounts you receive on top of your basic salary, such as housing, commuter, and leave allowances.
  • Deductions: These include statutory deductions like taxes, housing levy, pension contributions, and any other deductions like loan repayments.
  • Net salary: This is the amount you take home after all deductions have been made.

Registering for the GHRIS portal

Step 1: Fill in the employee registration form

How to access GHRIS Payslips register for GHRIS UHR

To start the registration process, simply fill out and submit the employee registration form available on the GHRIS portal. There’s quite a number of fields to complete, so take your time to ensure that the information you submit matches your official employment records.

Some of the details you will need to provide include:

  • Personal Number
  • National ID Card Number
  • Surname
  • First Name
  • Other Names
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Date of First Appointment
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Address

You can access the registration form by following the link above or going to the GHRIS website, then log-in page, and then clicking on New Employee? Register Here.

GHRIS payslips portal

Step 2: Validating your information

Upon submitting your registration form, your details will be cross-checked against your existing records in your respective Ministry or Department. This validation step is crucial to confirm your identity and employment status within the government framework.

If you encounter any discrepancies or errors during this phase, reach out to the HR unit in your Ministry or Department for resolution.

This process creates your personalized GHRIS account, giving you the liberty to use various HR services offered.

New government employees

For newly appointed government employees, the system offers a separate portal to begin integrating into the government’s structured HR framework.

On the website, click on New Employees, or go directly to the login page here. Here you can log in if you already have an account, or register.

GHRIS payslip new employees

GHRIS account login requirements

Once registered, logging into your GHRIS account requires a few critical pieces of information:

  • User ID: Your unique identification in the system, usually your personal number.
  • Password: The security key created during registration.


Keep this information confidential to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive personal data. Subsequent logins to check on your employment status or download payslips will be streamlined with these credentials in hand.

To close GHRIS portal when not using it, click on the Logout link that appears at the top right of the screen.

Account Recovery (Resetting GHRIS login password)

If you forgot your password, recovering access to your account is straightforward.

  1. Navigate to your respective GHRIS login page
  2. Click on the “Forgot your password?” link.
  3. Depending on the login page access portal, you will be directed to a page to reset your password.

The reset page for new employees looks like this:

GHRIS reset page screen for new employees
  1. Here, you will need to provide your details and click on submit.

Follow the prompts for resetting your password. It’s crucial to have either your registered mobile number or personal email accessible for account recovery.

Downloading and saving payslips

Saving a digital copy of your payslip is important for long-term record keeping.

For downloading and saving your payslip, find the download option, which might be represented by an icon or a link, usually after you view the payslip.

Click to download the payslip in a PDF format. Once the download is complete, choose a secure and easily navigable folder on your computer or digital storage to save the file, marking it with the correct month and year for easy retrieval.

Updating your employee information on GHRIS

To ensure your GHRIS profile is accurate and up-to-date, follow these steps to update your essential employee information:

a) Updating basic information

1) Access the update form: After logging into GHRIS, locate the “Profile” section and find the option to “Update Profile” or a similar function. This will open a form for editing your details.

Updating GHRIS profiles

2) Enter or update your basic employee details:

  • Essential details
    • KRA PIN No: Provide your valid Personal Identification Number issued by the Kenya Revenue Authority.
    • NSSF No: Enter your membership number for the National Social Security Fund.
    • Birth Certificate No: Include the number found on your official birth certificate.
    • Religion: Choose your religion from the dropdown options provided.
  • Address and contact information:
    • Box No.: Input only the numerical portion of your post office box.
    • Postal Code / Town / City: Fill in either your five-digit postal code or the name of your town/city where your post office is located.
    • Telephone Numbers: Provide both your landline (if applicable) and mobile phone numbers.
    • E-mail Addresses: List your official government (GOK) email address and any personal email addresses you use.
  • Special needs:
    • Indicate whether you have special needs with a “Yes” or “No.”
    • If you selected “Yes,” specify the type of special need in the designated area.
GHRIS employee info capture form update info 2

Important note: Remember to double-check all information for accuracy before submitting the updates.

Things you cannot change as an employee:

  • ID Number
  • PF Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Title
  • Surname
  • First Name
  • Other Names, and
  • Gender

These details can only be updated by the HRM Unit in your department, as long as all the requirements set out in the prevailing policies have been met.

3) Now click the Save button to save your basic profile details

b) Updating other employee details.

GHRIS Dependants details

Now proceed through the next pages to fill out the details for:

  • Location
  • Duties
  • Academic details
  • Experiences / employment history
  • Dependants

Accessing and printing p9 forms

P9 forms, essential during tax season, are readily accessible through the GHRIS platform.

If you work for a governmental body, such as semi-autonomous government agencies or constitutional commissions, you must retrieve your KRA P9 forms for tax filing.

To access these forms:

  1. Visit the GHRIS website.
  2. Navigate to the specific section for P9 forms.
  3. Download your form and select the ‘Print’ option for physical copies.

GHRIS contacts info

Facebook: GHRIS Kenya
User Manual: Find more info on the GHRIS user manual
Phone: 020 2227411

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Moneyspace Ke
Moneyspace Ke
We understand the hustle of everyday Kenyans – the drive to do more, save more, and be more, all while not earning just enough. At, we aim to provide reliable information to help you build a scalable sidehustle business. Subscribe to find insights on financial products, practical saving tips, and viable business ideas in Kenya. πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺπŸ€πŸ“ˆ.

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